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No Cook? No Sweat

No Cook? No Sweat

It is important to stay cool when it becomes hot enough to bake in your car. The AC is not a good defense. This unstoppable enemy will find every crack to slip through. That’s assuming the increasing demands on electricity don’t cause power outages in the first place. Every summer gets hotter, so we must find new ways to cool down.

Step Away from the Stove

It is important to produce as little heat possible. There’s no need to adopt a fully raw diet, but who wants to eat a boiling vat of thick stew right now anyway? The fridge is still cold, so the food inside the fridge hasn’t been kissed. No-cook Recipes These are the best ways to beat the summer heat.

Eat Well with Ease

Avoid the oven and put your saute pan away. Instead, embrace a more fresh approach to summertime cooking. Fortunately, with such a wealth of incredible produce waiting the markets, they don’t need extensive prep work to be transformed into unforgettable seasonal treats.

15 Best Vegan No-Cook Recipes

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