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Old Fashioned Potato Soup

Old Fashioned Potato Soup

This Old Fashioned Potato Soup is a journey back to grandma’s kitchen where hearty food is made with common ingredients, and every bite tells a story.

Old Fashioned Potato Soup

This recipe for old-fashioned potatoes soup takes me back to childhood. My mom often made this “milk and potatoes only” soup on Sunday nights. My siblings all remember eating potato soup right after church.

My mom deserves a lot of credit for the kitchen I remember, as I know there were more hungry children than she could feed. Kids still laugh about how she multiplied this soup by adding milk and water to feed extra mouths.

4 Ingredient Potato Soup

There is one thing I do differently from my mom when it comes to making “her” potato soup. Just a small amount of butter is added at the end. It boosts the flavor and adds a richness that can’t be beaten.

Butter makes this recipe into a 4-ingredient potato soup. If you want to make a 5-ingredient potato soup, add either chicken or vegetable broth.

A bowl of potato soup on a wooden tabletop with a grey and white tea towel.

Old Fashioned Potato Soup Recipe

You’ll need the following ingredients to make this…

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