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Olive Garden Apple Carmelina

Olive Garden Apple Carmelina

Olive Garden Apple Carmellina, a delicious dessert featuring spiced apples and buttery sweet topping, is available from Olive Garden. Serve it with some caramel sauce and ice cream. This is the recipe for apple cobbler fans!

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What is the Olive Garden Apple Caramelina Special? 

Olive Garden used to serve this classic apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, but it hasn’t been on the chain’s menu for years. But that’s okay because it is simple to make at home and worth the minimal effort.

You will love this combination of sweet and tart apples with crispy topping and creamy ice cream. 

This is Why You Should Try It? 

Olive Garden Apple Caramelina copiescat recipes use canned pie filling. You can use fresh apples in this version. It makes a huge difference in the flavor and texture.

If you love apple pie but don’t want to fuss with the crust, you will definitely want to try making this Olive Garden apple dessert!

Olive Garden Apple Dessert Ingredients 

For the apple filling ,…

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