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Original 4B’s Tomato Soup

Original 4B’s Tomato Soup

4B’s Tomato Soup This tomato soup is creamy and rich with diced tomatoes. The best tomato soup that you can ever try. This recipe comes from Mr. Hainline, one of the original owners. My family knew him very well. Enjoy! Enjoy! 

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4B’s Creamy Tomato Soup

After making Original 4-B’s Homemade Tomato Soup just once, you will never want to make soup from a can again. If you talk about tomato soup in Montana, many people will start reminiscing about 4-B’s legendary tomato soup.

This tomato soup is rich and creamy because it’s made with real butter, heavy cream, chicken broth, and canned tomatoes. The Bs tomatoe soup recipe is very popular and even tastes better the next day. So you may want to double it and make a huge batch. 

What makes 4B’s tomato soup special?

This homemade tomato cream soup is not smooth but has chunks instead. The soup is also lighter in color than most creamy tomatoes. The silky texture is due to heavy cream and butter. All in all, it’s a luscious, soul-warming soup.

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