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Peaches and cream Crumble Bars

Peaches and cream Crumble Bars

Peaches and cream Crumble Bars

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other Peaches and cream crumble bars are the best dessert I’ve ever had with peaches. This creamy filling and brown-sugar oat topping are amazing!!

I don’t think we even need to talk about these peaches n cream crumble bars. Let’s just sit and stare at them. They are really good. Then, that’s it. Buttery crust And topping is everything. It’s a little chewy, crisp, sweet and salty. It’s a snack that you could enjoy on your own and still be satisfied. Why would you settle when you could go further?



Let’s add a little cream cheese gloriousness in there with fresh, juicy, sweet, golden peaches. The filling is rich, creamy, and delicious. You really don’t even understand how much I love these bars. The crumble works perfectly with the filling. And I really needed something yummy to distract my mind from something terrible.

By horrible, I mean annoying. I’ve been bit by mosquitoes before, but this time is just crazy. Yes, mosquito bites are the topic. Haha, yes I do! Doesn’t it seem so lame? I’m a little crazy, but they really are! The mosquitoes in our new rental are a nightmare. I got 13, you guys! The other night, I had 13 bites within 30 minutes.

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