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Pizza with Eggplant

Pizza with Eggplant

Eggplant Pizza: the best news of all! You can have dinner ready in less than 35 minutes with this pizza. That’s faster than delivery! The easy, homemade pizza will taste like a mixture of eggplant parmesan pizza!

overhead photo of eggplant pizza on wooden cutting board

Table of Contents

  • Why we love this easy recipe for pizza with eggplant
  • This Eggplant Pizza Recipe’s Key Ingredients
  • Making Homemade Pizza With Eggplant: Step-by-Step Instructions
  • FAQs and Expert Advice for Pizza With Eggplant
  • More Eggplant Recipes for You to Try

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Why we love this easy recipe for pizza with eggplant

It’s no secret, here at HSR, we love a tasty homemade pizza! This eggplant-based pizza is an excellent way to make use of eggplants this season.

If you have never tried making homemade eggplant pizza, don’t worry. Our tips and tricks will ensure that your homemade pizza is as tasty as the pizza you get from a pizzeria! It’s made from scratch (with storebought dough) so it comes together super fast but it still gives us all the vibes of an eggplant parm – in pizza form!

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