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Potato Curry

Potato Curry

This potato curry (aloo curry), is a popular Indian dish. This dish is creamy, warming, and comforting. Inspired by the southwestern Indian Cuisine, where vegetables simmer in a rich aromatic sauce. coconut-based sauce.

The recipe we have is One pot meals are easy to prepare. The best of the best weeknight dinner You can also find out more about Meal preparation. The leftovers are good for a few days, and they taste even better the next day.

Combining Creamy and tender potatoesWith frozen peas and the leafy green of your choice, this recipe makes a delicious meal. Healthy and filling.

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  • Potato Curry Recipe

Dietary noteThis recipe can be enjoyed by vegetarians, gluten-free people, and vegans.

As with most curries, aloo Curry is a popular dish. Start with a flavor base Where onion, garlic ginger and red pepper flakes are gently cooked in oil for several minutes.

The tip we have for you is: Ginger and garlic can be grated With the small holes on a box zester or grater, they will turn into a paste which will give the potato curry a beautiful aroma.

Use Ground cumin, turmeric powder and garam masala For the spices. These are only suggestions. You can add or…

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