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Praline Pecans

Praline Pecans

Praline Pecans combine velvety caramel with crisp pecans to create a Southern treat. They are a result of sugar, cream, and butter alchemy.

Rooted in tradition, these treats encapsulate the essence of the South’s flavors, perfect alone or enhancing desserts with their irresistible charm.

Praline Pecans

Pecan Pralines are also called pralines. They are made of sugar, cream, butter and pecans. Pralines are characterized by a creamy texture with a rich caramelized flavor.

To make these, butter and brown sugar are melted until a thick sauce is formed. The pecans will be coated with a thick sauce after they are stirred into it. The pecans will then be transferred onto parchment paper and allowed to cool.

Overhead shot of praline pecans, served in a white bowl with a checkered blue and white towel

What is a Praline Pecan?

Due to the crystallization, the pecans become softer and have a grainy texture. They’re usually round or irregularly shaped and can vary in size.

Pecan pralines can be eaten as a candy on their own or added to desserts like ice cream, cakes and pies to give them a sweet, nutty flavor.

Overhead shot of butter and sugar in a stainless steel skillet

Pralines are often found in gift shops, specialty stores, and markets in the Southern United States, and they’re a cherished…

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