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Red Lobster Crispy Sprouts

Red Lobster Crispy Sprouts

Red Lobster’s Crispy Brussels sprouts with soy ginger glaze and fried onions are a tasty dish. These Brussels sprouts, which are roasted to perfection, have a crisp exterior but a tender inside. This dish is sweetened with the ginger-soy glazing and fried onions.

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Best Brussel Sprouts

Many folks claim they can’t stand Brussels sprouts, but that probably stems from some food-related trauma during childhood. When Brussels sprouts are cooked badly, they can become bitter, mushy balls.

On the other hand, they are absolutely delicious when made correctly; and this crispy Brussels sprouts recipe from Red Lobster is sure to convert even the reluctant veggie eater. The soy-ginger sauce balances out the earthiness in the Brussels sprouts while the fried onion adds a crisp texture and another layer flavor.

Brussels Sprouts with Soy Ginger Glaze: The Perfect Side Dish

These Brussels sprouts are the perfect veggie side dish to complement your meal when you have already decided on your protein and carbohydrates. You can pair them with meat, poultry, or seafood.

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