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Roasted Frozen Cauliflower Florets

Roasted Frozen Cauliflower Florets

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can roast frozen frozen vegetables directly from the bag, then this recipe for roasted frozen cauliflower florets is for you! The florets are savory and super tasty, and they’re incredibly easy to make. The recipe can be used as a last-minute side dish to enhance any meal with flavor and nutrition.

I’ve been sharing some recipes lately for easy vegetable side dishes—dishes that can help to put more vegetables onto your lunch or dinner plate, quickly.

This is the easiest vegetable side I have ever made.

While I was writing The Vegan WeekI was debating whether to use my frozen broccoli florets.

These are just what they sound like—broccoli florets that are roasted from a store-bought, frozen state.

Part of me felt as though it was a little absurd to include them, since they’re not even seasoned.

But I did make them every week while doing my clinical internship. It was the intention of this cookbook to provide weekly meal-prep strategies that helped me get through my busy times.

This roasted frozen florets recipe is more active than the broccoli one. The Vegan Week, but…

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