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Rustic Vegan Kale Potato Soup with Sausage

Rustic Vegan Kale Potato Soup with Sausage

This hearty, vegan soup with kale and potatoes is filled with plant-based protein sausage. It’s a one-pot recipe that’s as comforting as it is nutritious!

This is my first new soup recipe of the fall, and it’s a great one to start with.

I made the potato kale stew about a week ago when the weather started to cool down. I was delighted with the variety of plant-based ingredients in my soup: yellow potatoes, tomatoes, onions and my favourite dark leafy green kale.

When the recipe was coming together in my head, however, I wanted it to be a power plate—that is, a source of vegan protein, along with wholesome carbohydrates and some healthful fat.

What kind of protein is it?

I thought of adding beans. I already have many soups in my house that include greens and legumes, such as my butternut squash lentil and kale soup or spicy black bean and kale soup.

Instead, I decided to try a vegan meat in the soup, and I’m so glad that I did. The plant-based sausages not only provide a lot of protein, but also a meaty texture and smoky taste.

Below, I’ll describe some of the store-bought vegan sausage options that you can choose from…

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