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Scallion Oil

Scallion Oil


Scallion Oil


  • 3/4 neutral oil
  • 25-30 Scallions


  • Slice white stem off of the scallions, then cut the remaining green tops into 3-4” pieces.
  • Transfer to a medium-sized heavy bottomed pan and add the oil. Cook until the scallions begin to sizzle.
  • If you are using a thermometer to measure the temperature, raise the temperature of the oil to 180F. Let the mixture cook for 2 or 3 minutes at this temperature. Switch off the heat, and then transfer the contents of the pan to a high-speed mixer.
  • While the mixture is still hot, blend it for 5 minutes at the highest speed.
  • Prepare a bowl with ice on the bottom and a bowl with ice on top. Also, prepare a cheesecloth piece to line the sieve. Pour the oil mix through the cheesecloth lined sieve into the bowl with ice.
  • Transfer the mixture immediately to an airtight jar. I store mine in a mason-jar. Cover the mason jar with aluminum foil to stop the sunlight from dulling its color and taste. Keep in the fridge.

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