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Mailbox Lasagna – Special Delivery

Mailbox Lasagna – Special Delivery

If you can make cookies in the car, why can’t you make lasagna in the mailbox?

It was this thought that pushed me to my next wild experience. If global warming will get worse, then I’ll only get crazier in response.

Why Lasagna in a Mailbox?

This idea is often offered by news channels as a way to make the summer heat bearable. The earliest reference I can find to it is from 2019, attributing it to the Nation Weather Service, but I can’t find that original reference. What’s more alarming is that despite being re-posted and shared thousands of times, I couldn’t find evidence that anyone had actually tried it. That’s where I come in.

It is thought that if you prepare your food in advance and place it in an oven, it will cook using only solar power. The kitchen will stay cool, saving energy. I’m dubious that the actual cost savings would add up to a full cent, but given how prone my state is to rolling blackouts, I’ll do everything I can to conserve.

How to Make Mailbox Lasagna

The procedure is pretty much as you’d imagine, starting with your favorite lasagna recipe.

  • You can use any lasagna recipe, but scale it down to fit the pan. Use…

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