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Sweet, Tender Homemade Dinner Rolls—Ready in 1 Hour!

Sweet, Tender Homemade Dinner Rolls—Ready in 1 Hour!

Homemade Dinner Rolls

These easy puffy and fluffy cookies are a bit sweet and delicious when served warm with butter. Homemade Dinner Rolls In just one hour, you can have them ready! Serve them as part of your holiday dinner or with soup on a weeknight.

a pan of fluffy homemade dinner rolls

Why You’ll Love This Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls Recipe

  • A No-Fuss Dinner Roll Recipe. Whether you’re a bread baking novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll appreciate the speed and ease of this no-fail yeast roll recipe. These rolls only take an hour to make, unlike other recipes that call for overnight rising.
  • Tender Sweet Dinner Rolls. Even if you’re heating up a tray from the grocery store, dinner rolls feel like a treat, but these homemade dinner rolls are worth getting You can also read more about it here. They are something to be excited about. They’re made with honey, giving them a touch of sweetness, and they have that fluffy, tender crumb you expect from a good dinner roll. Serve them with Instant Pot Roast, Crockpot Mashed Potatoes, and Sautéed Green Beans and you’ll feel like you’re having Sunday dinner at your grandparents’ house.
  • The satisfaction of making bread from scratch. Bask in the glow of accomplishment you get from making homemade dinner rolls—look at you, baking…

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