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The Best Candy thermometers of 2023

The Best Candy thermometers of 2023

Candy thermometers enable bakers and confectioners to constantly monitor the temperature of their candy concoctions. This precision is required to produce perfectly crunchy peanut-brittles, smooth caramels, fluffy divinitys, rich fudges, and much more. Candy thermometers that are the best attach to your pan securely so you don’t have to touch your candy while it is boiling. They also provide accurate temperatures, easy to read displays, and can be easily cleaned.

Candy thermometers are also important for safety: “They stay in place when you are working with hot molten sugar – you don’t want to have any distractions,” says Sommer.

The best candy thermometers
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We took all of these factors into consideration and used her expertise in developing recipes to search the market for candy thermometers. After reading hundreds of reviews on the internet and researching the various types of candy-thermometers, we selected the four best thermometers.

Our top choices include Sommer’s favorite candy thermometer, the Taylor Classic Line Candy Thermometer, which is similar to the one she uses to make her Leche Quemada (AKA Mexican Burnt Milk Candy). Below you’ll find more details about our top picks, as well as…

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