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The Best Copycat McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito

The Best Copycat McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito

McDonald’s Breakfast Burrito used to be a heavy-duty burrito that would fill you until lunch. You can recreate this classic McDonald’s Sausage Breakfast Burrito at home. Enjoy burritos stuffed with scrambled egg, melted cheese and savory sausage.

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McDonald’s Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s regularly changes its menu, and things always come and go. Sometimes, recipes get changed. Here is an old example of the breakfast burrito. It was heartier, and it would keep you satiated until lunchtime. This recipe is a copycat of the original breakfast. 

Why make a homemade McDonald’s breakfast Burrito instead of getting takeout?

You can grab a breakfast Burrito at the drive-through at any time. Making a breakfast burrito at home has many benefits. 

  • Customize your burrito. You can add more cheese. Love cheddar cheese? You can add cheddar cheese. Want extra sausage, no problem. 
  • Make several before you leave. It takes a long time to wait in line. You can make a week’s worth of this sausage burrito, and you can reheat it when you want to have breakfast. 
  • McDonald’s…

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