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The Best Vegan Tiramisu

The Best Vegan Tiramisu

Prepare yourself for an indulgent dessert! This vegan version of tiramisu uses layers of vegan ladyfingers that have been soaked in espresso and sweetened cashew cheese, blended with coconut cream. You’d never know it was dairy free.

Slice of Vegan Tiramisu on a plate with coffee cup and blue baking dish in the background.

I will say it now: This is the most delicious tiramisu that I have ever eaten. I don’t mean to say that lightly. I love tiramisu. And I’ve eaten a lot of it.

We’re also including vegan and non-vegan versions of tiramisu into this competition. In college, I used to wait tables in restaurants that boasted of having amazing tiramisu. At the time, I agreed.

Since I loved it so much, recently I taste-tested some vegan versions in preparation for this vegan tiramisu (I hadn’t tasted it in years so I needed to refresh my taste). These were absolutely delicious. They were delicious, but not as good as these.

You can now recreate this delicacy in your kitchen with my recipe!


Ingredients you’ll need

  • Raw cashews They are the main ingredients in our vegan mascarpone. It’s important that they are raw (not roasted) and to soften, you need to soak the nuts in water for several days.

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