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The Food Of Love

The Food Of Love

What makes a good Valentine’s Day recipe?

What makes a dish more romantic? Anything made with love should count, whether that’s delicate heart-shaped ravioli or a giant pot of chili. Classic aphrodisiacs get a nod, for sure, whether or not they can actually influence a person’s immediate desires.

Love itself is food

There’s an undeniable intimacy in preparing a meal for someone you love. It’s a vulnerable act, pouring your own hopes and tastes, energy and creativity into every chop, stir, and sauté. Ingredients and emotions merge to produce a dish not only a combination or flavors but also an expression of love.

While I’m sharing my top plant-based picks for Valentine’s Day here, like all advice on the internet, your mileage may vary. The good news is that when you start with love, you can’t go too far wrong.

12 Best Valentine's Day Recipes

To express your feelings through food, cook and bake from the heart! These recipes won't miss the mark when you want to indulge you Valentine.

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