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The Ultimate Lasagna, a Make-Ahead Miracle

The Ultimate Lasagna, a Make-Ahead Miracle

If I look through my mental list of quick and easy meals that are healthy and satisfying on a busy weekday, lasagna rarely makes the cut. It’s high time we changed this.

Make Ahead Lasagna

The ultimate pasta dish that can be prepared in large quantities and enjoyed multiple times, lasagna fits neatly in a large baking dish. If stored correctly, one batch of lasagna can serve a small family or a person for a few weeks. It doesn’t matter if it is unbaked, or ready-to-serve. You can keep it in your fridge or freezer without it losing quality.

Never again settle for noodles that are mushy and smothered in sweet, watery sauce! We can fix it, gentlemen. We have it. We have the capability to build the world’s best plant-based lasagna. Better, easier, tastier.

Tips for Success

It’s not so much technique that determines the outcome of this recipe, but the ingredients themselves. Anyone can cook this recipe with the right ingredients. No prior cooking experience is required.

  • No-boil pasta is tempting but you have to resist. Since they sit immersed in sauce for so long, they’ll have long…

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