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My Gyro Has Gone

My Gyro Has Gone

Both street food and entertainment are equally important. gyros They are hard to miss. The sight of a spinning spit glistening with heat is mesmerizing.

The name itself comes from the Greek word meaning “turn” or “circle,” referring to this unique cooking method of continuous motion. It goes around and round, the edges caramelizing and crispying with each rotation. The pit master will periodically, depending on the number of orders, carefully shave off paper-thin kebab slices to reveal the more tender inside.

Make it Meatless

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, don’t be afraid. You can enjoy these rich, well-seasoned prime cut meats at home without any danger of open flames, rotating rotisserie, or even the need for meat.

Mushrooms over Meat

Traditionally made from lamb, beef, chicken, or even pork, it’s a clear case where the actual protein in question is far less important than the herbs and spices involved. Even if you use fresh vegetables, creamy tzaziki and a variety of spices to serve the entree, it could be anything. Enter Sugimoto koshin mushrooms.

The intense umami flavour

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