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Toffee Ice cream

Toffee Ice cream

This creamy toffee ice-cream, swirled in caramel sauce with crunchy bits of toffee, is sure to please any ice-cream lover. 

Toffee Bits

This ice cream is flavored with toffee, which adds a rich and sweet flavor. It also has a slightly nutty taste. As you take a bite, you’ll experience the creamy and cool vanilla, followed by bursts of caramel and a satisfying crunch from the toffee bits. 

Heath toffee is a great option for making your own toffee (you only need a small amount of butter and some sugar). I usually buy it when baking or making ice cream. 

Feel free to grab a jar of caramel sauce while you’re at the grocery store too, if making caramel sauce isn’t your thing. I have a weakness for this salted caramel sauce, so there’s almost always a jar tucked away in my fridge.

Heath Toffee Bits

Heath Toffee Bits, which are available in pre-packaged form and are ready to use for baking and cooking, are small and crunchy pieces of toffee. These English toffee pieces are small bite-sized toffees that have been broken up into bits or chunks. These can be added to a variety of dishes for a buttery and rich flavor.

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