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Vegan Chinese Curry

Vegan Chinese Curry

This vegan Chinese curry is a delicious sauce with veggies and crispy tofu! It is delicious and easy to make.

White wooden surface set with napkin, bunch of scallions, and a bowl of Vegan Chinese Curry.

My favorite comfort food is vegan curries. I enjoy a good curry, and it is interesting to see how different cultures have their own varieties.

I’ve recreated a lot of international curries here, from Indian curries like chana masala, to Thai curries including red curry, green curry and vegan Japanese curry, as well as Caribbean-inspired and vegan Japanese curries. They are all delicious!

Today, I am sharing a recipe of a Chinese style vegan curry. This recipe is my favorite because it’s a mix between a stir-fry and a curry. It has elements of a Chinese-style stir-fry with crispy fried tofu, while the thick gravy is similar in flavor to Indian or Japanese curries.

The rice is then added to the mixture to make a tasty meal that looks like it’s from a fancy restaurant but actually takes only minutes to prepare!


Ingredients You Will Need

  • Vegetable broth.
  • Soy sauce. ….

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