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Vegan Chocolate Torte

Vegan Chocolate Torte

This vegan chocolat torte is rich and decadent with a chocolatey flavor. It’s a great dessert for special occasions, holidays, or to impress your hot date.

Vegan Chocolate Torte slice on a plate with coffee cup in the background.

A reader once contacted me to express surprise that I did not have any vegan torte recipe on my website, despite being a former attorney.

Get it? Vegan Torte? Vegan ? It took me too. It’s not easy to veganize a chocolate torte! Tortes require a little more effort than a simple vegan chocolate cake recipe or vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe.

A chocolate torte is a cake made without flour. Tortes that are traditionally made rely heavily on eggs to give them the structure and texture they need. This is why creating a chocolate torte that was vegan sounded like an enormous challenge. It turned out that almond flour was key in making this recipe work. The torte still is flourless. Almond meal is generally used. You can also check out our other blog posts. Wheat flour is interchangeable.

This torta caprese is a traditional Italian cake made from almond flour. This vegan chocolat torte…

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