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Vegan Peach Pie With Crumble Topping

Vegan Peach Pie With Crumble Topping

This vegan pie is pure decadence. The pie is made from juicy summer peaches, and the topping is a cinnamon butter crumble. It’s absolutely delicious with a big slice of vegan vanilla ice-cream on top!

Slice of Vegan Peach Pie with vanilla ice cream, peaches and pie plate in the background.

Do not let the summer go by without baking this vegan peach tart. Even on hot days, it is worth turning on your oven.

Peaches are available all year, but the best ones are in the summer. I personally buy more than I need (because I love them!)They don’t last very long. They are perfect for baking!

This pie has a juicy peach filling with spices and is topped with a crumbly top. The crumbly topping is my favorite because it pairs so well with the sweet, gooey, peaches. It’s also easier to make than a crust.

Ice cream is the perfect accompaniment to this pie, which you can also enjoy in summer. This decadent dessert is perfect with a big scoop of dairy free vanilla ice cream.


Ingredients You Will Need

  • Vegan pie crust. You can either use store-bought or homemade vegan pie crust. If using store bought…

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