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Vegan Salad Dressing Recipes

Vegan Salad Dressing Recipes

Are you looking for the perfect vegan dressing to dress your salad? Here’s the place to find it! Read on to find recipes for all your favorite classic salad dressings…veganized! This collection includes everything from Ranch and Caesar to Thousand Island, honey mustard and more.

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Finding vegan salad dressings in stores can be challenging. Even when you finally find a vegan salad dressing, it can be difficult to open.

Do you really have to give salads up if you become vegan? (How ironic!)

You can’t. Make your own dressing.

Stay with me. This post contains recipes for 12 delicious homemade vegan salad dressings. Most of them are easy to make and can be made in minutes with ingredients that you probably already have.

You’d never guess that these dressings contain no dairy or eggs.


Vegan Green Goddess Dressing

Hand dipping a baby carrot into a bowl of Vegan Green Goddess Dressing sitting on a white wooden surface with fresh vegetables.

This dairy free green goddess dressing can be used on many other things than salads. It’s a creamy dressing with a fresh flavor that is great for dipping or sandwiches.

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