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Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Need a healthy, easy and protein-rich breakfast idea that’s ready in 10 minutes or less? This Veggie Scrambled Eggs is the perfect breakfast for you. You can customize this low-carb, nutritious breakfast by adding your favorite vegetables!

a plate with veggie scrambled eggs, avocado, whole grain toast and berries on the side

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Why We Love Veggie Eggs

I get it, breakfast is not the most exciting part of the day- but that doesn’t mean we have to choke down the same boring standards like milk and cereal or toast and peanut butter every single day. It’s no surprise that this simple veggie scramble appears on my breakfast plates more than ever before. I love it!

Recipe Highlights

  • Making veggie scramble eggs is a great way to Random vegetables Crisper
  • You can Meal preparation The vegetables will make this scrambled egg and vegetable even faster
  • Vegetarian eggs are high in protein Healthy fats
  • Scrambled eggs are a healthy breakfast option. Low carb No added sugar
  • It is rich in fiber and slow carbohydrates. Keep you fuller longer– which means (unlike a sugary cereal) it keeps me full all the way until lunch!
  • Take a full veggie serving Breakfast is included!

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