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Vietnamese Coffee

Prepare yourself to enjoy the aroma of Vietnamese Coffee. This recipe is a simple but fascinating guide to brewing coffee with the classic phin filter. Discover the harmony of robust coffee with creamy sweetened condensed Milk. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or a curious newbie, this is the perfect way to find out how to make the best Vietnamese coffee and elevate your coffee game. You’ll delight in every sip.

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What makes Vietnamese coffee so good? 

Some of the best coffee isn’t served in coffeehouses in Seattle but on the streets of Vietnam. The French colonial era influenced many aspects of Vietnam today, including the food. French-style baquettes, used to make famous banh mi sandwich and coffee, are two of the major culinary influences.

But the coffee served in Vietnam is unique. It’s a dark roast coffee served in small portions and is super rich, creamy, and sweet. 

Why You should Recreate this at Home 

Vietnamese drip coffee has many advantages, besides its delicious taste. The…

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