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What is Tempeh? (and how to cook with it!)

What is Tempeh? (and how to cook with it!)

What you always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask about tempeh! We’re going to cover the basics today: what is tempeh? How to cook it? And where to purchase it!

Tempeh Cubes Frying in a Skillet

The first time I ate tempeh, I was in love. I was surprised! It was a big surprise to me!

It was heaven. I made the first block of tempeh by pan-frying in olive oil. It was soft but textured. A little bit nutty and funky. But it was also completely different from anything else I’d tasted.

It was a complete shock to me when I first started blogging and found out that Lots of people either don’t care for tempeh (or) don’t have any idea what to make with it. I hope this guide will help you.


First things first:

What is Tempeh?

Partially sliced block of tempeh on a cutting board.

Tempeh is also an Indonesian food and, like tofu. The soy-based product tempeh can be found in many supermarkets. But it’s a little different. Tofu comes from soy curds. What does it mean? We’ll call it a bit…

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