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What Is The Biggest McDonald’s Burger | Let’s Find Out

What Is The Biggest McDonald’s Burger | Let’s Find Out

McDonald’s has many famous menu items bigger than their standard burgers or sandwiches, like their iconic Big Mac burger and quarter pounder burger with cheese. But among all these, what is the McDonald’s biggest burger? Let’s find out.

The biggest McDonald’s burger is the double quarter pounder with cheese. It’s a double-layered burger with two big beef patties, buns, and other contents. 

Speaking of big burgers at McDonald’s, they also introduced a supersize option in 1990. McDonald’s offered bigger-size fries and soft drinks compared to the large-size provided meals. Moreover, the McDonald’s menu also offers various other big burgers on their secret menu, like Monster Mac, Grand big mac, etc. 

In this article, we will explore the calorie count and size differences behind the famous Big Mac and quarter-pounder hamburgers. We will also discuss other secret menu burgers that are larger. So, let’s discover. 

Biggest McDonald’s Burger On The Official Menu

Biggest McDonald's Burger On The Official Menu

The biggest McDonald’s burger on the menu is a double-quarter pounder with cheese.  

The double quarter pounder on McDonald’s original menu contains two beef patties and is a two-layered burger. It’s a bigger burger on the menu,…

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