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The color of food is an important indicator.

Color Psychology and Food

  • Green This is a sign of vitamins, nutrients, and a good choice.
  • Red often tells us what we’re about to eat is sweet, or ripe and rich in umami.
  • WhiteWhen viewed as an absence of color it implies a complete lack of taste.

White is bland, boring and devoid of any nutritional value. It does not elicit instant hunger like a vibrantly colored dish.

What a shame, when it is actually a reflection for every color of the spectrum. White can take on any color and hide a variety of spices. That’s why curry, found in every brilliant hue under the sun, is a particularly dangerous dish to cloak in bright white.

This recipe is sure to be your new favorite. This is curry in a different color.

What is White Curry Curry?

Coconut milk has a creamy texture that is commonly used as a base for curries. It smoothes out the hot spices, and provides a cooling finish. Most are tinted with yellow turmeric, and/or red or green chilies, but there’s more than one way to add a fiery bite to your food. To add heat to my white curry, I use pale Hungarian wand peppers and tiny but mighty…

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