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The Best Vegan Dairy Products from Califia Farms

The Best Vegan Dairy Products from Califia Farms

Almond milk feels like a new thing, but it’s actually pretty old. In fact, it’s even mentioned in most medieval cookbooks—that’s how old it is. According to A Dollop of History this was for a few reasons, but one was that pasteurization hadn’t been invented yet, so cow’s milk wasn’t that safe (raw milk can carry harmful bacteria, like E.Coli and listeria). Almond milk was the preferred alternative. Even today, hundreds of years after the Middle Ages ended, people continue to turn to almonds milk. And oat-milk. And coconut milk—the list goes on.

Today, many consumers have also ditched cow’s milk for health reasons (read more on that here), but they’re concerned about the environment and animal welfare, too. Many brands are ready to meet the demand and offer milk alternatives. The market is consistently growing; it’s set to exceed a value of $123 billion by 2030, according to some estimates.

Which is the most popular dairy-free drink brand? Califia Farms. Known for its signature, vase-shaped bottles and creative flavors, the brand—which raised a landmark $225 million in funding in 2020—is going from strength to strength. Here’s more about Califia Farms,…

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