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Zesty Vegan Chopped Italian Salad

Zesty Vegan Chopped Italian Salad

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a zesty, colorful bowl of greens, radicchio, tomatoes, and yellow peppers, then this vegan Italian chopped salad is for you! It’s a plant-based spin on a classic, and it incorporates chickpeas and sun-dried tomatoes for heartiness and umami without meat. An herbed Italian dressing and cashew “Parmesan” cheese ensure that the salad is packed with flavor.

Today’s vegan Italian chopped salad is posted in honor of an annual event: my winter salad craze.

Summer is often referred to by many as the salad season. In January or February I always crave salads. I am actually craving them now more than I did in the summer.

Much as I’m enjoying winter this year, it’s a lot of time indoors.

Winter means brown food in abundance: bread, lentil soups, mushrooms, potatoes, etc.

It is a great way to balance out the sunless weeks, soups, and root veggies with a colorful, crunchy, crispy salad.

Winter salads are available, of course. My favorite winter salads are my winter panzanella with its roasted root vegetables and perfect winter chopped salad.

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